Villa V

In Harmony With Nature

Our clients’ desire to live in harmony with nature, plus the undulating topography of the site, inspired our design for Villa V – a series of volumes that emerges gently from the hillside.

Time span2009 - 2013
Size1 800 m²
LocationUtrecht, NL
Partner in charge
Nanne de Ru

In a clearing in the forest, we created a cascade of light-filled spaces.

Forest enchantment

Forest enchantment

Making the most of a woodland setting with hilly contours, we stacked three tiers of volumes in the landscape, creating a playful series of in-between space along the façades. We opened up entire façades so that indoor and outdoor spaces blur, and the cantilevered volumes of the upper floors seem to float on top of the ground-level glass facade.

Ground Floor

First Floor



The spaces have varying degrees of openness and intimacy that reflect their specific functions, creating a harmonious experience of space, views and light

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