Villa Neo

Nestling in Nature

We not only took the landscape as our inspiration for a house on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus; we practically made the building a part of it. We half buried the structure in the garden to add privacy and natural cooling, using the excavated earth to create a natural barrier between garden and street.

Time span2009 - 2010
Size250 m²
LocationLimasol, CY
TypeInteriors, Living
Partners in charge
Nanne de Ru, Johanne Borthne

As if excavated from the earth, the roof feels rugged and heavy, while inside the interior is light and transparent.

Patio perfect

Patio perfect

Our house rethinks the typology of the Mediterranean patio house. In our version, we organized the building around an inner courtyard that brings light and air into the heart of the house. Our interior unites the pragmatic functions of everyday life with a strong sense of space. We turned the bedrooms to face south, while the living area flows freely from the entrance towards the north, opening fully to the view of the distant mountains. We ensured that each room overlooks the courtyard while maintaining its privacy. From the courtyard, we added a simple staircase leading up to a secret roof garden. Nestled into the overgrown rooftop, here is a private room, a little retreat to enjoy breathtaking views of the sea beyond.

Our design is simultaneously a mysterious artefact, and a part of its lush surroundings


Ground Floor

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