Villa B

Modern Monument

Magnificently monolithic at first sight, our Villa B is a house with an intriguing double identity. Behind the imposing, screen-like frontage is a warm and welcoming domestic space that gradually opens up the house to the garden, bringing the outside inside with a transparent rear facade. Our composition in contrasts meets our clients’ wishes for a distinctive home that would be a new take on the classic Munich townhouse.Villa B was the 2019 Winner during the World Architecture Festival in the category Completed Building Villa.

Time span2012 - 2017
Size2 500 m²
LocationMunich, DE
TypeInteriors, Living, Recognitions
Partner in charge
Sander Apperlo
Partner in charge
Project lead
Charles Bessard
Project team
Donna van Milligen Bielke
Tobias Tonch
Marco Overwijk
Amber Peters
Paul Valeanu
Charles Bessard
Davide Prioli
Interior architect
Structural engineer
MEP consultant
Ingenieur Consult ddk GmbH
Building physics
Ernst Interior
Dive into the details
Dive into the details
Custom Creation

The robustness of the neoclassical townhouse meets the elegance and openness of the Modernist bungalow.

We make an entrance

We make an entrance

Villa B has a majestic presence. We took an impressive volume and structured it in vertical slabs of marble with fine brass lining. We made the facade entirely closed, except for the solid patinated brass entrance doors and four marble panels on the first floor that open to reveal a window. We kept the detailing of the facade extremely clear in its lines and expression, eliminating any element that suggests mechanical or technical movement, such as hinges and sliders.

Opposites attract us

From closed encounters
To an airy garden axis
01 - 02

The solid exterior of the house gradually opens up toward the garden.

Dive into the details
Dive into the details
Stairways to Heaven

We designed a lofty, central entrance with an elegant, sculptural staircase connecting the house’s different levels.

Our wider, wilder view

Our wider, wilder view

Our closed front facade acts as a privacy screen for the interior and garden. Embracing the green space outdoors, we opened up our design towards the back of the house, progressively increasing the number of glass openings. These culminate in our entirely transparent garden facade. Interrupted only by narrow stone bands forming large overhangs, our glass wall ensures a seamless transition between the lush natural landscape outside and the interior space, mastered by Liaigre.

A green embrace

We dissolve the walls
Embracing the garden
Natural setting created by Liaigre with natural materials
01 - 03

In Villa B, customization is at the heart of both the interior and exterior. It makes the whole house a totally one-off object, a Gesamtkunstwerk.

The human touch

Tactile marble bathroom by Liaigre
Warm wooden staircase
Light-reflecting marble pool room
01 - 03

Garage driven

Garage driven

In the basement, our garage uses unconventional materials: wooden walls and a natural marble floor. The curvilinear walls of our space make it dynamic and impressive, and set it apart from the rectilinear house. It wasn’t our idea to add the expensive cars as a finishing touch, but we find them very much a part of the atmosphere. They fit into the integrated idea of beauty and design in Villa B, in which every detail is considered.

Our wooden bowling alley is a space where the family get together for a game every Tuesday.

Dive into the details
Dive into the details
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