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A Floating Artwork

We love sailing. So, when asked to remodel two classic yachts for Victoire, we jumped at the chance. We are proud of the results: Our sleek contemporary versions preserve all the functionality of the originals, while magnifying their comfort and beauty.

Time span2011 - 2013
Size13 m²
LocationRotterdam, NL
ShipRepublic BV
Partner in charge
Nanne de Ru

Victoire stands for classic yet modern quality, something we feel very close to as an office.

Classic lines

Classic lines

Our V37 and V42 yachts for Dutch yacht-builder Victoire (est. 1961) build on a wonderful tradition. Classically elegant, Victoire’s yachts are known for their magnificent outline. We cleaned up the molds and pared down the form, making the classic lines even more pronounced and visible for a lither, lovelier yacht.

On the deck, we wanted to create a sense of tranquility, so we integrated all the details into a uniform surface with a smooth, flat profile.

We enjoyed the opportunity to broaden our horizons and test our knowledge in the unusual context of the yacht.

Smooth sailing

Smooth sailing


Surprising sense of space

Surprising sense of space

The spacious feel of our below-decks interior isn’t only the result of our great spatial organization. We also added an extra 7 cm of headroom – the same amount the average European has grown over the past 40 years. We used light materials and meticulous detailing to make every inch of space count. Our multifunctional seating area and adjustable table add much-needed flexibility. We also took a good look at the functionality of the galley, and adapted it to modern needs.

Go with the flow

Fluid contours
Flexible seating area
Meticulous detailing
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Having our designs endorsed by lifelong sailors is the biggest accolade we could hope for.

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