The Traveller Pavilion

Transparent Social Hub

At the heart of Cumulus Park, Amsterdam’s new innovation district, sits the Traveller, a sleek and organically curved pavilion. Its transparent façade is elegantly formed around a pleasant and inviting interior housing a restaurant and event space. While energizing the campus with a place for meeting and collaboration, it provides a new iconic marker to herald the developing area.The Traveller Pavilion became a finalist for the PLAN Awards and got shortlisted for the World Architecture Festival.

Time span2016 - 2019
Size900 m²
LocationAmsterdam, NL
TypePublic Spaces, Recognitions
EDGE and G&S Vastgoed (pavilion), The Traveller - Michiel Deenik, Neal Valentijn and Jeroen van Brussel (interior)
Partner in charge
Stijn Kemper
Partner in charge
Project team
Robbert Verheij
Alex Niemantsverdriet
Fernando Diez
Helena Tse
Lesia Topolnyk
Max Tala Nossin
Melanie Lo
Mike Hansen
Peter Lee
Rafael Zarza García
Thowalfakar Humady
Interior architect
Cost consultant
Light Designer
Building physics & fire safety
Project management interior design
JOBS Project Management - Jacob den Besten
Project initiator

The sleekness of sinuous glass meets the warmth of an inviting living room.

Stijn Kemper

Free floating

4-meter-high windows maximize transparency

Free floating

Standing freely from the expanse of glass, a wooden element at the Traveller’s center contains all its functions and an upper deck with views over the restaurant. The warmth of timber continues to radiate from its gently curved larch wooden ceiling, that hovers over a welcoming space with variations in height and openness. Exuding the comfort of a living room, an interior of rich colors and soft textures offers an intimate indoor area – relaxing and approachable.

Approachable elegance

Flexible spaces on the upper floor of the timber core
Vast expanses of glass flood the interior with light
Timber adds warmth to the bar area
01 - 03

The separation of wooden core and glass façade – at no point do they touch each other – creates an airy and flowing interior space.

Stijn Kemper

Blurred boundaries

Stairs continue from inside to outside

Blurred boundaries

Set within a campus housing ING, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, and Amsterdam Community College (ROC), the Traveller brings together office employees, students, entrepreneurs and neighboring residents. Designed to be seamlessly integrated with its surroundings, differences in ground level continue within the pavilion – like the concrete stairs connecting exactly to those inside, with only the glass façade as separation – creating a dynamic relationship between the interior and the exterior.

We wanted to blur the boundaries as if there’s no distinction between inside and outside.

Ground Floor

First Floor

Site Plan

Roof Section


Forging the Form

The larch roof with its double curvature

Forging the Form

Designing the double curved wooden roof of The Traveller came with a set of complex challenges that we met by modelling the nearly 300 unique components separately.

We realized the all-around transparency of the façade – while also mitigating solar radiation – by engineering a system that combines interior sun shading with heat extraction, limiting the need for foils and triple glazing.

Through advanced modelling techniques, we integrated all the complexities of this roof into one elegant and streamlined form.

Stijn Kemper
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