Pathé Arnhem

Showing Our Stripes

Our cinema for Pathé Theatres in Arnhem plays an important urban role. Part of UN Studio’s masterplan, it mediates between the historic city center and futuristic new station. With its carefully composed, rounded volumes and beautifully crafted facade, our building embodies the dynamic coexistence of old and new.

Time span2012 - 2015
Size9 500 m²
LocationArnhem, NL
TypePublic Spaces
Pathé Theatres
Partner in charge
Nanne de Ru

Many sides

Many sides

By creating a three-dimensional composition of volumes, we shaped a building able to play a connecting role between old and new areas of the city and reflecting the ambitions of the regeneration masterplan. The long low plinth on the south side sculpts the urban space of Oude Stationstraat, which is mostly used by pedestrians coming from the station. The transparent ground floor facade is occupied by retail; a setback here marks the entrance to the cinema. The north side is reserved for car access and service areas, with the 35-meter-high main volume towering over the railway.

Urban connections

Our new local landmark
Sympathetic yet contemporary
Intriguing spatial composition
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We give a fresh lease of life to the traditional brick, using a weighty 12 tonnes of them to create our richly detailed facade.

Our wrap-around facade

Our wrap-around facade

We wrapped a streamlined facade around the diverse spaces of the interior program, using horizontal bands and curved corners to mold the cinema to the contours of the city. We added a lively gradient to the facade, whereby the brickwork transforms from rough and dark at the bottom to smooth and light at the top. We consciously chose horizontal aluminum bands to match the material of the new station, merging them seamlessly with the bricks – a reference to the harmonious mix of old and new in the city.

Ancient and modern

Meticulously crafted textures
A sinuous brick skin
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