M37 Hotel

Ode to Oslo

In line with the ambitions of Oslo’s new Government Quarter, our new hotel replaces an inward-looking 1930s building with an effortlessly extrovert design. While we embrace the future – in the form of a new green park and pedestrianized streets – we also honor the history of Oslo. Our design channels the area’s architectural heritage and political ideals: a Madmen aesthetic meets social democracy in this fresh take on Nordic Modern.

Time span2022 - ongoing
Size7 500 m²
LocationOslo, Norway
TypePublic Spaces
AB Invest og Møller Eiendom
Partner in charge
Johanne Borthne
Partner in charge
Project lead
Project team

The coming park will make the road vanish – a great opportunity to replace a closed building with an open and extrovert one.

Past masters

The original building follows the curve of the road
Workers flock to the modern offices of the 1950s
People and traffic sharing the same routes
01 - 03

A Modern Archetype

Outdoor spaces connect with lively streets

A Modern Archetype

We took our design cues from the area’s Modernist heyday: the 1930s until the 1960s. Following the rational and progressive architecture of the time, we channeled a kind of Madmen aesthetic, whilst maintaining a down-to-earth simplicity in line with Norway’s model of social democracy. Creating a new presence on the street, we added a double height ground floor with mezzanine and bar. Its transparency opens up the building to all the surrounding attractions – shopping, culture, and, of course, the new park.

The plan called for a new building, but we ensured continuity by making the historical qualities of the area our point of departure.

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