KJ Plein

Soul of the City

Our competition-winning design will bring life to The Hague’s Koningin Juliana Square with a warm and welcoming new station hall and residential building. KJ Plein will consist of an entrance hall for the main railway station, and a tower for housing as a symbolic gateway to the city itself.

Time span2016 - ongoing
Size48 000 m²
LocationThe Hague, NL
TypeLiving, Public Spaces, Towers
Synchroon, Amvest
Partners in charge
Nanne de Ru, Paul Stavert
Project team
Boris Kozlowski
Michiel Bosch
Rick de Lange
Giulia de Mauro

The monumental façade, reflecting the stately architecture of The Hague, is energized by the fluid station hall on the ground floor – a captivating introduction to the city.

Storytelling in the Station Hall

A generous space embraces visitors to the city
The station’s ceiling references the local dune landscape
Text from the Declaration of Human Rights
01 - 03

Hello The Hague!

Added greenery and a restaurant pavilion

Hello The Hague!

Our design for KJ Plein – presented with DELVA Landscape Architects and developers Amvest and Synchroon – won the competition by doing far more than simply providing great places to live. On an urban level, the architecture, consisting of two towers linked by a ‘valley’, makes a powerful yet polished statement that acts as a unifying element in a disjointed architectural landscape. The ground floor, with its organic forms and natural materials, enriches public space by becoming a welcoming new entrance hall for the station behind it – and for the city itself. Meanwhile the square outside is transformed by the addition of greenery, a restaurant pavilion, and a fluid transition to Koekamp Park.

As well as unifying a disjointed architectural landscape, our design creates an attractive and transparent new entrance for The Hague.

Michael Schuurman

Classic to Current

One of the two residential towers

Classic to Current

With its fluted, rectilinear columns in lightweight concrete, the facades of our building’s towers echo the formal classicism seen in The Hague’s administrative architecture. On the ground floor, the dynamic station hall presents a bold contrast, with a sinuous wood ceiling and expanses of curved glass. Above the entrance, the apartments’ glass loggias present a streamlined finish, broken by compact protruding balconies that give a human touch. The curved elements of the hall are reflected in the staggered, U-shaped silhouette of the central valley section, with its tumbling green spaces.

We activated the formerly lifeless square, converting it into soulful green space that connects to Koekamp Park.

Fluted, rectilinear columns echoing the formal classicism of The Hague’s architecture
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