Jakoba Mulderhuis

Perfectly Engineered

Forming a welcoming gateway to the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences campus, our new Jakoba Mulderhuis building bridges the academic world and the city. It gracefully embraces the past through a dynamic relationship with its surroundings, while its flexible interior leaves space to accommodate future educational requirements. Advancing the notion of furthering knowledge through personal exchanges, a high degree of transparency and fluidity places meetings and accidental encounters at the heart of the building, in our soaring, light-filled atrium.

Time span2012 - 2022
Size27 000 m2
LocationAmsterdam, NL
TypePublic Spaces
Hogeschool van Amsterdam
Partners in charge
Nanne de Ru, Stefan Prins
Partner in charge
Project lead
Project team
Pi de Bruijn (CIE)
Marc Koehler (MKA)
Carlos Moreira (MKA)
Joan Marion
Elisa Diaz-Llanos Lorenzo (MKA)
Frank Segaar (CIE)
Nicola Placella (CIE)
Leo de Jong (CIE)
Jessie Andjelic

Scientific encounters

With its ascending theatre terraces, the atrium enables students to ‘hop’ from floor to floor
With its ascending theatre terraces, the atrium enables students to ‘hop’ from floor to floor

Scientific encounters

Designed by Powerhouse Company together with Architekten Cie and Marc Koehler Architects, the new university center houses facilities for disciplines from building engineering to aviation. These are revealed to each other – and encouraged to mix – by the soft edges of our atrium. Each department has its own floor, with a showcase terrace forming its lively public face. Through this intervention, the building embodies the concept of further knowledge through human interaction. The atrium’s soft edges also ensure a balance with the existing buildings next door, while the off-center landmark tower and lower-level block together make an emphatic yet friendly gesture to the outside world.

The open environment promotes the communication of knowledge in a natural way. We call this blended learning.

Education is changing rapidly, so flexibility is central to the design.

Site Plan

First Floor



Blended learning

The building is tailored to project-based work education
Project rooms are facilitated in the form of studios
Mixed zones merge different disciplines to inspire one another
Spatial set-ups can be customized by the teaching staff
The flexible design allows a mixture of teaching forms
Students from different disciplines meet in the atrium
Open studios encourage synergy and cooperation
An open community building that connects to the city
One of the studios that focuses on sensor technology
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Educational Theatre

All storeys lead into the atrium and have open terraces where students can work on together

Educational Theatre

Jakoba Mulderhuis is all about inspiring cross-pollination of ideas in an open, creative environment. The flexible set-up allows teaching staff to customize their rooms with a mixture of teaching forms and spatial set-ups: group work at table islands, classrooms, labs, quiet study places and meeting areas – so-called blended learning. As we partly are the first generation of Amsterdam UAS graduates to have been taught on the basis of project-oriented education in the former Leeuwenburg building, we gave our positive experiences of blended learning maximum expression in the new design.

Inspiring without boundaries

The atrium lends the building an open character with daylight
All storeys lead into the atrium and have open terraces
Tiered platforms allow students from other disciplines to meet
With its ascending theatre terraces creativity is fostered
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Dive into the details
Dive into the details
University Building of the Future
Stefan Prins, Marc Koehler, Gerard Kuiper, Hans Wichers Schreur

Elegantly Integrated

A grand atrium connects to the adjacent Theo Thijssenhuis
Jakoba Mulderhuis forms a gateway to the city
A striking location on a historical corner in Amsterdam
Monumental quality on both sides of the street
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