Urban Woodland

With its gracefully curved vaults and arches, HOLT occupies both the dynamic vibrance of the city and the richness of the forest, teeming with life. Our plan for this new neighborhood in the healthiest city of the Netherlands creates 320 new homes in a cluster of 11 new residential buildings – with a new iconic tower to mark its place.

Time span2020 - ongoing
Sizeca 35 000 m²
LocationGroningen, NL
TypeLiving, Public Spaces, Sustainability, Towers
MWPO, Nijhuis Bouw, Nijestee
Partner in charge
Stefan Prins
Partner in charge
Project team
Climate scientist
Peter Kuipers Munneke
Economic consultant

The buildings and radical green enter into a dialogue, forming one ecosystem for flora, fauna and people.

Urban living in the forest

Living in the Green

Homes open straight to the woodland

Living in the Green

We want HOLT to last, which means future-proofing is of the essence. To adapt to the rising temperatures of our changing climate, HOLT harnesses nature’s powerful properties. A forest is inherently climate resilient – the soil absorbs considerably more rainwater than a paved environment, and it can be 4 degrees cooler than in an urban setting. During the rainiest seasons, wetlands form in the wooded area – the green heart of HOLT – where biodiversity thrives. To keep homes cooler, we chose light-colored facades that reflect sunlight and absorb less heat than dark materials.

We chose timeless brick, inspired by the city’s historical housing.

Three Zones

Lively streets with activated plinths

Three Zones

HOLT consists of three zones with their own characteristics: tranquil, active, and dynamic. The park zone forms the green center of the development with lush woodland and water. Dynamism characterizes the streets and encourages circulation and meeting. The plinths are programmed with amenities and urban forms of living that ensure activation, while the courtyards form intermediary spaces between the park zone and the streets. The large mix of homes serves a diverse blend of residents for a vibrant, lively neighborhood.

The city and the greenery meet in HOLT – an exciting and direct confrontation.

A Home for Everyone

Double height outdoor space

A Home for Everyone

From families and starters, to healthcare professionals and vulnerable young people and the elderly: HOLT provides homes to all. Besides the public spaces, we’ve paid special attention to providing areas for people to meet, especially those from low-income backgrounds, like communal cooking areas and community terraces. The lively residential neighbourhood also caters to workers: co-working spaces and home offices are seamlessly integrated. Flexible commercial spaces within the plinth are generous in height, between 4 and 6 meters – allowing users to create their own layout – and can be lived in as well.

A Varied Mix


The tower with its green crown marks HOLT as a new icon for sustainable living.

A vibrant plinth and an iconic tower
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