Chalet B

Peak Experience

Chalet B is the complete transformation of a 1970s Swiss chalet within the constraints of its original footprint. A richly remodelled façade wraps around new volumes – including an underground spa and futuristic garage – that are invisible from outside.

Time span2015 - 2017
Size1 000 m²
LocationSt. Moritz, CH
Partners in charge
Nanne de Ru, Sander Apperlo
Partner in charge
Project lead
Charles Bessard
Project team
Marco Overwijk
Amber Peters
Charles Bessard
Interior architect

It was a huge technical challenge hiding the garage entrance while complying with strict safety measures and the extreme Alpine climate.

Making an Entrance

Spectacular views of the Swiss Alps

Making an Entrance

Custom designed and engineered in partnership with a German car elevator company, the disappearing entrance to the garage evokes a scene from a James Bond film – a section of the road approaching the chalet lifts to allow cars to enter, then closes invisibly behind them.

Transformed in Timber

The existing volumes are given a new identity
Traditional Alpine elements are juxtaposed with the new
A new wooden facade replaces the original plaster
Windows are moved and enlarged to maximize views
A rustic chalet becomes a refined piece of architecture
01 - 05

We transformed the building with a playful approach to the façade, windows, and detailing.

What lies beneath

Strong connections to the outdoors

What lies beneath

Located in the Suvretta mountains of the Swiss Alps, strict planning regulations limited our design to the existing chalet’s footprint. Instead of extending outwards, we extended downwards, and excavated new spaces from underneath the old walls. Above ground, we amplified views of the spectacular mountains with new expanses of glass. In place of the original plaster, a rich wooden façade lends the chalet a new identity.

An Alpine getaway

Large windows maximize spectacular views
Playfully placed windows look into the green
Rich timber cladding inside exudes warmth
Horizontal wooden cladding frames the view
Abundant glass allows continuous enjoyment of nature
01 - 05
The chalet nestled into the Alpine landscape

Rustic refinement

The road conceals a hidden entrance

Rustic refinement

While the chalet echoes Alpine tradition with its tripartite structure of stone plinth, wooden walls and slate roof, the façade design is a new departure. Executed in local timber, it forms a composition of alternating horizontal and vertical lines that reflect the contours of the landscape.

This exquisite yet understated building is a contemporary take on local tradition.

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