Floating Office Rotterdam (FOR)

A Vessel for Change

Moored at Rijnhaven port in Rotterdam, our floating office for the Global Center on Adaptation is a building for a new age. Off grid and carbon-neutral, it floats – rather than flood – if water levels rise due to climate change. Fun as well as functional, it also forms a key element in a newly redeveloped port environment by providing public waterside space – and even a swimming pool.

Time span2018 - ongoing
Size4 500 m²
LocationRotterdam, NL
TypeOffices, Public Spaces
RED Company
Partners in charge
Nanne de Ru, Stijn Kemper
Partner in charge
Project lead
Project team
Melissa Fourie
Severino Iritano
Marah Wagner
Beyza Uyar
Structural engineer
MEP consultant
Project management
Floating foundation
Wood structure engineer
Building installations
Dive into the details
Dive into the details
Lessons in Living, Learning, and Working in Wood

FOR the future

FOR the future

We designed our floating office to reflect the values of its inhabitants: the Global Center on Adaptation. This Rotterdam NGO aims at promoting planning, investment and technology to mitigate climate change. Our climate-resilient office is therefore both an illustration of the center’s mission and an inspiration for others. With its own solar energy source and water-based heat-exchange system, it’s completely self-sufficient. Built entirely of timber, to minimize its carbon footprint, our building has three stories and is accessed via a boardwalk. Overhanging balconies around each floor plus a pitched roof provide shade. FOR also features public facilities: a restaurant with a large outdoor terrace and a swimming pool.

Designing a sustainable, floating office building was a challenging commission and we approached it holistically.

Building on the water

The construction site in Rijnhaven
FOR is built entirely of timber
The first modules of the building are being assembled
01 - 03



Floor plan


The building structure is designed in wood and can easily be demounted and re-used. It’s ready for the circular economy.

Construction details

01 - 02

Our technical and sustainable systems are so well integrated with our design that they feel quite matter-of-fact.

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