Chandelier 2

Cascading Colors

Floating in mid-air, with no visible armatures or fittings, our Chandelier 2 is a vertical vortex of transparent colored beams. Tumbling down from a height of 17 meters, the mobile elements dance in space, creating a mesmerizing display. It occupies pride of place in the dramatic stairwell
of our Villa LR, as well as in the collection of our furniture brand Fúxiǎng.

Time span2014 - 2016
LocationBeijing, CN
TypeFurniture, Interiors
Partner in charge
Nanne de Ru
Partner in charge
Project lead
Project team

Bright and beautiful

Bright and beautiful

For our furniture brand Fúxiǎng – and with our client for Villa LR in mind – we designed our own take on the classic of interior decor: the chandelier. This version, called Chandelier 2, is a modular system in which only the top and base are fixed. The fixed elements support the entire structure, allowing the rest of the modules to be suspended freely. The further away the light elements are from the support elements, the more open the chandelier becomes. Made of acrylic elements in jewel-bright colors, it uses an LED light source milled in solid glass.

Our chandelier forms an ascent into light and color in the stairwell of Villa LR.

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