3D Render Artist (Rotterdam)

Powerhouse Company is looking for a 3D render artist to join our team in Rotterdam.

Powerhouse Company has offices in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) and Beijing (China), and a site office in Munich (Germany). We are a full-service architecture, interior and design company. This means that we continuously work on a wide range of projects: from public projects such as train stations and schools, to developer initiated projects such as offices and apartment buildings, to private residences, interiors and products.

We are committed to getting our designs built at the highest possible quality level. At any given moment multiple projects are under construction or nearing completion. In the Netherlands as well as abroad. In this dynamic environment, employees get their fair share of practical experience in the field, something that benefits their further careers.

We are looking for a 3d render artist who:

Please email your CV and a small portfolio (max 20 pages, max 10 MB) of your work to jobs@powerhouse-company.com.

Acquisition regarding this advertisement is not appreciated.